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3 Mobile Broadband
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3 Mobile Broadband

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3 Mobile Broadband Products and Pricing

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3 Mobile USB Dongle - Visit

3 Mobile USB DongleMonthly contracts start from £7.87 a month, with no upfront cost, giving you 1GB of data per month.

Pay As You Go deals start from £29.99, which gives you the dongle plus 1GB of data available for one month.

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3 Mobile MiFi

3 Mobile MiFiPay monthly plans start from £10.87 a month, with no upfront cost, which gives you 1GB of monthly data.

Pay As You Go prices start with a MiFi device cost of £49.99, which gives you 1GB of data to use over 30 days.

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Three Mobile Tablet and Mobile Broadband Deals - Visit

Sony Xperia Tablet Z from 3 MobileThree has a wide range of tablet deals to choose from. Many of their tablets are 4G ready such as the iPad Air, iPad mini, Samsung Galaxy Note 8 and Sony Xperia Tablet Z.

4G ready tablet deals start from £7.50 a month for 5GB monthly data, with a £29.99 upfront cost for the Huawei MediaPad 10 Link.

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Products and Pricing last updated 30 Dec 2013.

Our Product Recommendations for Three Mobile

If you are looking for a service to use on your travels we recommend the basic Pay As You Go modem.

If you are looking to use 3 Mobile Broadband as your main home connection, and anticipate heavy internet usage, then look at a contract, as data usage rates are cheaper.

As soon as you get your dongle, test it during peak working time hours and in the early evening, at the principal location where you will be using it. If it's not good enough, return it under the Returns Policy, remembering not to use the modem for more than three consecutive days otherwise you will invalidate the Returns Policy.

If you can't get a good signal, either try another mobile broadband provider or get home broadband.

Three Mobile Broadband Returns Policy

You are allowed to try out the mobile broadband modem to see if it works in your area. If the connection performance is not satisfactory, the modems can be returned to 3 within 14 days of delivery, but the modem and SIM pack must be returned in "as sold" condition.

For Pay Monthly modems, you may be charged for any usage of 3 services you made before returning the modem. You will be charged at 3's standard rates.

For Pay As You Go modems you must not have used the modem for more than three consecutive days as this will invalidate the Returns Policy. No refunds will be given for Top-Up vouchers or any remaining Pay As You Go credit.

Correct as at May 2010. See also mobile broadband returns policies.

Key Facts on 3 Mobile Broadband

Has a very competitive pricing strategy, and is usually amongst the cheapest mobile broadband providers.

Offers a choice of Pay As You Go mobile broadband or Monthly Contracts.

Is a VOIP and Skype friendly network, i.e. allows Skype usage to come out of monthly data allowances.

Our View of 3 Mobile Broadband

See Our Review and Our View Page.

Mobile Broadband Products Available

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3 Mobile Pay As You Go USB Modem

3 Mobile Pay Monthly USB Modem

3 Mobile Broadband Mobile Hotspots (MiFi devices)

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Typical Connection Speeds

See our mobile broadband testing performed during Mar/Apr 2011 for some typical 3 Mobile Broadband speed test results.

In our preliminary testing performed in June 2010, the average mobile broadband speed we achieved, based on 12 different tests at three different locations, was 1.47 Mb/s. The best speed we obtained during this testing was 3.44 Mb/s.


See 3 Mobile Broadband Coverage page.

Value for Money

3 Mobile is very good value for money. It has a fairly aggressive pricing strategy and is usually amongst the cheapest mobile broadband providers.

VOIP / Skype Policy

VOIP / Skype is allowed, indeed positively promoted. For Pay Monthly contracts, Skype data usage comes out of your monthly allowance.

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Mobile Broadband Awards Won

Winner of the Best Mobile Broadband category at the 2011 Mobile Industry Awards.

3 Mobile Broadband Usage Abroad

See mobile broadband abroad page.

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