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Mobile Broadband Routers

There are now a number of mobile broadband routers available that you can connect your mobile broadband modem provided by the likes of T-Mobile or 3 in order to distribute a mobile broadband internet connection to a number of computers. We are aware of the following models. If you know of any more then please let us know.

T-Mobile Broadband Router - Share Dock 100

- Plug your T-Mobile USB modem into the Share Dock 100 and you are ready to share your mobile broadband connection over Wi-Fi.

T-Mobile Broadband Router

3 Mobile Broadband Router

- Plug in your 3 mobile broadband dongle and you can share your mobile broadband connection with multiple computers over Wi-Fi
- This Huawei D100 Router is only compatible with Huawei Mobile Broadband dongles from 3

3 Mobile Broadband Router

Other Mobile Broadband Routers

DrayTek Vigor 2800
DrayTek Vigor 2820 Router - Accepts a USB mobile broadband modem and can then distribute the connection to other local computers via wired ethernet (no WiFi).
DrayTek Vigor 2820n Router - Accepts a USB mobile broadband modem and can then distribute the connection to other local computers via WiFi.
DrayTek Vigor 2910
DrayTek Vigor 2910VG
DrayTek Vigor 3100

Linksys WRT54G3G Wireless-G router, which accepts a mobile broadband data card, e.g the Vodafone Mobile Connect 3G broadband data card.

Orange Flybox (coming mid-to-late 2008) - This router has a built-in SIM card and connects via mobile broadband to provide a broadband connection of up to 1Mbps. This will appeal to those located more than 3km away from their local exchange, too far away to receive ADSL broadband on their landline. The Flybox offers four ethernet ports and WiFi to connect local computers, and a regular phone can be connected to it which will then work over the mobile SIM.

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