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Use a Mobile Phone as a Modem

The following mobile phones can be used as a modem to gain mobile broadband on your laptop:

3G mobile phones:

Nokia N70
Nokia N73
Nokia N95
Nokia 6233
Nokia 6120 Classic
Nokia 6500

Typical speed on a modem (Nokia N95): around 1-1.5Mbit/sec downstream

Using the Nokia N95 as a Modem

Your options for connecting the phone to the laptop are USB, Bluetooth or IR. USB is the fastest connection type, Bluetooth is slower but still has a maximum transmission speed of around 2Mbps, which is fast enough for your 3G mobile broadband service.

You can use the Nokia PC Suite to help you establish the connection. If you are using Bluetooth, you will need to pair the phone with the laptop.

Once you have the phone connected, add a new dial-up connection in Windows. You don't need a username/password, just use the number: *99# and you should be up and running.

If you need them, the Nokia N95 modem drivers are at

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